Wireframes: The Blueprint of User Experience

During the more than 20 years I’ve been working on websites, clients always seem to get hung up on the visual presentation of the website. Certainly the colors, typography, and photos are important, but when it comes to the structure of the website and the foundation on which the user experience will lay, the hierarchy … More Wireframes: The Blueprint of User Experience

Mission Accomplished – MS in Project Management

Yesterday, I handed in the final assignment due for the final course of my master’s program. I’m officially done. By Friday, I should know how I did and what my final grades are going to be. Unlike my undergrad, I absolutely kicked arse in this program. On Thursday, I will attend commencement. I’ve watched the … More Mission Accomplished – MS in Project Management

Eclipse 2017

My, how time flies. I did manage to get out of the office for a few minutes to see the eclipse. My colleagues and I decided to get creative with office supplies.

Oktoberfesting in Philadelphia

The greater Philadelphia area has quite a few German-oriented places, making it a great place to observe Oktoberfest on this side of the pond. Cannstatter Volksfest-Verein (http://cannstatter.org/) has got everything you need to celebrate Oktoberfest. Music, dancing, food, rides for the kinder, games, vendors, and, of course, beer! If you need to get your German … More Oktoberfesting in Philadelphia