Would Moving Make Us Flakey?

No, we’re not leaving Philly. However, seeing as our house is completely void of things that make Frank happy, such as space, garden, garage and surplus budget, it might be time to relocate.

I do not want to move to the suburbs. Luckily, there is Manayunk. Manayunk is sort of like the Queens of Philadelphia, in that it is about the same, proportional distance out. It’s an OK commute via train which would get me to work in less than an hour, door to door. The schools are meh but we can likely score an early 20th century row house with garage and yard that isn’t too terribly unattractive for a big chunk less than our current house was. Most residents are either old-school, working class, professionals priced out of Center City or people who just want more space.

From the School-kill Expressway it looks like a mountainside, model train village. Cute. It’s still close enough to easily get back into the city for assorted fun things to do. And I don’t really hear too much in the news about hooligan activities. And because it’s situated on the side of a big hill, one can get a super workout just by going down the hill to the river and then back up again. Should our car not be able to handle the hills in the snow, the train works for both Frank and I.

If we do exodus, it won’t be for a few years. Research must commence now so we can scope out the schools, neighborhood and what it’s really like to live there.

In my fashion, I have to think about pros and cons.

Pro: More Space — I won’t pretend to be happy when I constantly bump into things or bang my head on the ceiling. I would really like a piano or at the least a place to set up my keyboard.

Con: More House — More to worry about. Replacing windows, repointing brick, roof, all cost more if you have more of it.

Pro: Garage — This would make Frank very happy.

Con: Commute — Taking the train would give me more time to read or crochet or whatever. However, missing the train here means I would be at least a half hour late for work since they don’t run all that often. It probably won’t take too much longer than walking does now. However without my walk means my butt is bound to get even bigger.

Pro (Frank) & Con (Suzanne): Garden — Frank loves the idea of gardening. Although I have suggested a container garden, he wants something bigger. I have no gardening ability what so ever and I would rather do many other things. However, I despise ugly property so I can just see myself having to weed and whatnot, not to mention the expense of planting things.

Con: Not Old –– Manayunk is in the 100 years old category, while our current neighborhood is in the 300 years old category. I like old, really old. But although I am willing to give up a lot for the colonial life, Frank isn’t.

Pro: Nature — Manayunk is close to Fairmount Park and quite a few nature trails and river activities.

Pro: Safety — Manayunk doesn’t really pop up in the news often. Seems like a quite place. I have to do more research.

Con: The Pumpkin — I like being really close to the Pumpkin. I like that I’m a five minute cab ride away, just in case. Manayunk is 30 minutes in a cab or more depending on traffic.

It’s hard, because I’m about even. Some of these things really make a big difference to me like being near the Pumpkin, although as she gets older it won’t matter as much. And I think it will probably take a few years before we’re in a place where we can sell our house and have our finances in well enough order to purchase another.


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