August 2009 – Random Updates

8/18 – 20 Minutes to Contemplate Life’s Little Mysteries

Or not…

We have a good friend who happens to have a Lotus ( which he, insane as it seems, lets Frank borrow every now and then, for maintenance and exercise. It’s sort of like dog sitting a really, big dog. Normally, I spend the entire time worried sick that something is going to happen to the car even though our neighbor, who is an absolute saint and one of my mommy role models, lends us her driveway.

Sunday, Frank says to me that we’re going to take the car for a “walk” to a few places that he’s been wanting to show me. Because it’s not every day one gets to drive around in a car like that, I got all pretty including sunglasses, a scarf and red, red lipstick. I should have taken a photo before we left because the look didn’t last too long. It’s very hot when you have to sit on the engine practically.

Anyway, we went for a lovely drive, through some very nice areas of the Main Line with houses we love but will never afford or would want to clean anyway. Then he took me to this divine little antique shop where I loved just about everything. We’ll have to keep it in mind once things get better. They had the most charming striped settee set with a matching large, tuffed poof ottoman. It would be so perfect in our living room. Another piece I really liked was this small china cabinet from the 1930s. All the pieces had been painted either black or white and they had a lot of gingham and toile which was just lovely. If I could, I would have bought nearly the entire store and then paid a carpenter to dismantle and reassemble everything in our little house. We can have antiques, we just need to be able to MacGyver them in. Anyway, it was nice to be driving in a really awesome exotic car and going antiquing, very swanky. Sometimes it’s fun to play.

Because we didn’t have the Honda, Frank had to take the Lotus food shopping. I didn’t think everything was going to get into the trunk but amazingly enough, five bags of groceries fit in the trunk of a mid/rear engine car! Shocking! All of a sudden, the Lotus does not seem so unpractical. Frank really wants one so I think, when the Pumpkin is old enough to want to drive her own car and not come food shopping with us any more, a roadster might be a great deal of fun for us to have and by then, we should be able to get one for a very reasonable sum.

While Frank and the Pumpkin were out food shopping I got to watch Mamma Mia, which was completely silly but a lot of fun.

Yesterday, the Pumpkin and I had a marathon walk from work to the library. I really hope they don’t close the libraries. When times are tough, nothing is as good as a free book. I don’t want to buy them anyway because I haven’t the room. I love the borrow the book concept. This week I took out a book on closets since I think our next project will be our bedroom closet. I’m tired of everything being squished. Another project we’re considering is building a wall and door to the Pumpkin’s room.

8/12 – It’s too hot to cook

We decided to not cook this week and instead stock up on Lean Hot Pockets and Lean Cuisine. Not for nothing, the portion control is great and I love not having to cook after an exhausting walk home. That’s right, still trooping it in the August muck. And it’s diet friendly and I don’t have to think about veggies since they’re built right in. Easy, parcheesy. I’m working on school work with the Pumpkin with all the time I’m saving on not washing 800 dishes a night or cooking. It’s slightly more expensive but I wonder if the time it saves is worth it…

I am looking forward to her starting school because the later schedule means I can start running again. Yay!! I can’t walk to work so I’ll be getting a foldable bike for the commute. That means ideally, a 30 minute run and two, two-mile bike rides a day. I love living in the city.

This has been a win-win week for the to-do list. Today, I called the Pumpkin’s after school program to confirm she’s in, ordered a prescription, made a dentist appointment with a new and hopefully improved dentist and sent an email to the Philadelphia Brewing company regarding Rowhouse Red Ale. Hopefully they will give me an interview. Beer would be nice too but I would really love an interview.

Work has been insane but in a good way. I designed this really cute email but alas, it wasn’t the right theme. I didn’t pick the theme so I am not taking the rejection personally. Email is still cute. I’m making a lot of emails these days which I love. They’re like little rewarding websites. I’m still doing double work because my site, although working great now, is in approval limbo. But all in all, I am on top of everything. A welcome change from the despair of the last few months.

8/11 – I suppose I should write…

On the bright side, I have nothing to complain about. Everything is going OK. In fact, I might be temped to be happy, if I wasn’t scared about consequences. Meanwhile, I am so happy reading everyone’s posts. Everyone is having such nice summer adventures. Ahhh; vicarious living.

We did have one adventure this weekend. Uniform shopping for the Pumpkin. I don’t know who decided kindergartners should wear khaki but there you have it. At least we found a place that was so ridiculously cheap it made the entire process less painful. We only have a few more things to buy and then she’s all set.

Otherwise nothing much else going on. Lots and lots of work. I need some time off just to work on home projects that are piling up.

8/4 – Just a few things for the record…

I hate my CMS. It’s this bazaar random product. Why it isn’t Sharepoint, I’ll never know, especially when they use it internally. And that I’ve had to spend all this time learning how to develop a website with said CMS and thus not be useful to anyone requiring Sharepoint is just infuriating.

Another interesting point I thought I would throw out there is that Web Master is not synonymous with Web Administrator. Senior Web Designers and Web Masters are used to being somewhat in control of things in a project mgmt like capacity. They also do things like work from home in emergencies and get paid salaries and bonuses.

Although I am eternally thankful for my current situation, I am having trouble seeing that silver lining.


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