New Hobbies, New Friends, and A Happy Frank

I had this hypothesis that Frank was feeling rather cramped because he is spending too much time inside playing video games. Even I can agree that if you are stuck in a small space or do the same thing for too long, you will go nuts. Video games are not productive and therefore do not give you the same sense of accomplishment that knitting a sweater, let’s say, would give you. In our recent discussions about how to improve familial warm-fuzzy feelings (without moving) we isolated some new hobbies:

1) Community Gardening
Probably not this year, but next, we’ll see about getting a plot in the nearby community garden. We’re already thinking about what veggies we would like. I do hope the community garden is squirrel proof. We’re also pretty sure we are chopping down our birch tree. The caterpillars are out of control this year and they only get worse. My breaking point came when I stepped on one in my bedroom with bare feet. Additionally, the tree is just too big for the space and annoying the neighbors. Seeing as the area is going to be bare, we’re going to build a lattice on the balcony and encourage ivy and other viney plants. I’m also thinking about sunflowers. Although this isn’t what Frank wants (a private, large backyard), I think he’s OK with it and community gardening means that we’ll make new friends and can probably trade our surplus veggies for other gardener’s surplus veggies.

2) Tattoos
This is a strange thing to want to DIY but considering a lot of what we want is so simple, it’s dumb to pay someone else hundred’s of dollars to do it. Both of us are competent enough to work with a stencil for flat designs which are a majority of what we want. Not to mention the touching up. Anyway, it’s not a terribly expensive endevour, the cheapest of the lot, and in the worst case, we’ll have something to laugh about every time we see each other naked for the rest of our lives.

3) Brewing Beer
Apparently everyone in PA has brewed beer at one time or another. We had one of Frank’s co-workers, and his fiance, over for dinner on Saturday. He brews with a few friends and is going to take Frank under his wing. Frank is very excited to start making beer. Apparently our house is not too small for brewing beer and the kitchen fireplace is the perfect place to put the container into for fermenting because of the smoked glass firescreen.

It was really nice to have someone over since we don’t entertain too often. I always get a little nervous when new people come over, especially those who might not be used to such a small space but I was very happy to learn that our guests had looked at similar houses in our neighborhood and were familiar with the small-urban-house and eating in the basement. They’re both really nice and we had a lovely evening chatting away. Additionally, my sister and niece were in town as well so it was a nice full house. We set up a kiddie table for the girls and had plenty of room for the grownups at the table. We were going to sit out front and smoke our hookah but alas, it started to rain (monsoon) and that was that.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon BBQing and swimming at our friend’s house. The Pumpkin is ready to move into our friend’s house. She’s like a fish. Our friends are some of the nicest people ever and an afternoon spent together is like hanging out with family and with four little girls to play with, the Pumpkin was in heaven.

When we got home, we smoked hookah in front with our neighbors. I probably should have gone to sleep about two hours before I did. Feeling a little like a zombie today.

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