From the Archive – September to December 2009

September 29, 2009 – We Are New Parents!

Not of a kid, but of a very cute light green BMW 318ti. I love, love, love our new car. It’s the best ever. Most fun to drive. Frank and I are going to share a whole lot more because he gets it during the week. I think I’ll be using it more on the weekends now. It shifts wonderfully. No lurching or squeaking. Just awesome!!!

In brief, the rest of the weekend went ok.

Block party was good despite some neighbor drama. All I’ve learned is second hand gossip. Part of me wants to just ask people flat out in person what is going on. The other part of me just wants to help those who might need help, set a good example myself and remain neutral since I get along with most of the neighbors. I actually don’t have time for drama anyway.

Sunday we had a lovely walk to Target for a new booster seat for the Pumpkin. We also got her Halloween costume. She picked it out herself. Marshall’s has wonderful costumes, well made. I wish I could have bought her two because we do wear them more than just once a year. We’ll see what’s lurking after the season on sale. They also had beautiful decorations.

Yesterday was the auto acquisition. Quite an adventure. It turned out not to be as far as we thought. Wilmington looks quite lovely as we drove by and I can’t wait to return so we can check out the Swedish Nyckle boat. I wish we weren’t so pressed for time because I would have liked to stop for crabs as well. The previous owner was just the nicest guy. Lives in a beautiful house that I could write about for hours. Just the cutest cottage with a stellar water view. I was seriously contemplating moving out of the city until we had to drive for 30 minutes looking for a notary and bank. Back to the city for me. I spent a good deal of the drive home praying that the car wouldn’t fall off the trailer. It made horrible noises. Then there was the breathless waiting while we worked with PennDot. Buying a car out of state from a private person is so tricky. But in the end everything went well.

And back to work today. I have quite a few big things on my plate and need to position and focus. I feel like the last week has just been insane and almost too much to deal with. But today seems quite back to normal.

October 13, 2009 – Apples and Pumpkins Oh My!!

Finally decorated the house. Went apple picking with the family. I have no idea why New Jersey is so hard to drive around in. Kept missing our turns. Had a nice afternoon with the extended fam of all the kids and grandkids. Got at least two of several types of apples. I need to bake something.

Yesterday I had grandious plans of laundry and sorting things for the season but alas, started to feel rather crappy. Did laundry but didn’t fold it. Meant to cook shepards pie but that didn’t happen either. Did finally get to see Coraline, which we kept missing.

Today I am hanging in there. Trying to get 16 hours of work into 8. Could really use a nap.

October 15, 2009 – Stupid CMS

The good news, the site I’ve been working on for two years went live. The bad news, something is making the server crash. Grrrrr!!!

Tomorrow is set for more debugging. I am so fed up with this entire thing. I’m not a developer and since I didn’t have a hand in building this stupid cms, I have no idea how what is connected to where and what’s going on. I have a feeling that I’m working with novice support that has been working with the cms for less time than I have.

I have an idea of what’s wrong. But I can’t explain it in detail. Oh, and then I don’t get access to the server because I’m not in IT. So frusterating.

On the bright side, it’s the home stretch. Once I get past this, I’m in good shape. Plus, I posted a new article to RowHouse about Framers’ Markets. I really need to remember to interview people. Crap.

October 27, 2009 – Is The Week Over Yet?

I have six loads of laundry, clean, that needs to be folded. Something always gets in the way. Tonight it’s Frank sleeping. At least I did all the dirty dishes. It was in an embarrasing state.

I am not going to turn on the TV… even though I have private time. The rest of the fam is sleeping away. Frank pulled a back muscle and turned in early. I should go to bed too.

I should not have opened the halloween candy. Now we need more. Crap.

This rain is killing me. Should I get to bed early, tomorrow morning I really do need to go for a run even though I don’t like running in the dark, especially the wet dark.

I’m already done with baseball and the series hasn’t even started yet.

The stupid CMS people for my work web site are ignoring my code requests. Tomorrow I am going to have to get GRRR on them.

Halloween can’t come soon enough.

halloween-2009-01November 1, 2009 – Happy Halloween 2009

November 4, 2009 – I Wish I Could Crochet for a Living

Seriously. I’m not doing anything and the server crashes anyway. Twice today. Then it ate the error log files so we can’t figure out what it was. I’m afraid to sneeze lest it goes down again. We can’t diagnose without those log files. Crap. Meanwhile it’s like Russian Roulette with the site. Will it stay up? Will it crash? What if it crashes and the IT guys are not around to reboot? The IT guys say it’s the application but the application guys are baffled. Just fabulous.

Meanwhile the work is piling up. I need to really seriously take a few days just to catch up but I can’t because there is always something. Quiet now though. The day might end on a good note if the server doesn’t crash again.

I’m taking a really short lunch, just enough to write a bit. Because of the strike, I got permission to cut my lunch by 15 minutes so I can leave early and get the Pumpkin. This way Frank won’t have to rush around (his commute is about an hour and a half with the strike now) and I won’t miss those 15 minutes of lunch anyway.

I sent out the invites to my first official webinar today. Just about driving me insane with nerves. I think it’s understandable that I feel like technology is out to get me. I just hope everything goes smoothly because otherwise it’s really going to suck.

Ok, back to work. 🙂

November 17, 2009 – I’m Tired of Staying In

I’ve been saying for years, how they really need a Baby Loves Disco for us freaky folks. But never quite got around to getting connected with a venue. However, looks like Frank may have gotten something going at the place by our house. They don’t do anything during the day and early evening so what better idea than to have the freaky parental varieties take over for a few hours.

I must get more info but first I need to collect warm bodies who would go for this sort of thing. Pass the word around. If I get enough bites, I’ll put the event together.

I’m thinking $5-10, snacks and juice boxes, not too loud music or dark lights, 2 to 6 in the afternoon, center city Philly location convieniently located near parking facilities. No more having to say no dancing in the house.

Common, I know the breeders are out there somewhere moaning that they never go out anymore because baby sitting is too expensive. What if you can bring the spawn with you?

December 15, 2009 – The Lunch Exile is Killing Me

I used to eat at my desk and write during my lunch. Alas, now I have to eat in the very nice lunch room on the 21st floor. It’s modern and slighly sterile. I have been admiring the glass tile backsplash but for the most part, it isn’t my bag. However, now that I am used to the arrangement, it is nice to get away from the desk. I am catching up with balancing my checkbook and organizing my bag, but alas, my LJ has been completely neglected.

Not that there is much to mention. Going through life’s motions. Not much time to reflect. I’ve been reading all of yours though. Nice to see everyone seems to be hanging-in there.

The Pumpkin celebrated her sixth birthday. We had a lovely mommy-daughter outing to the Dicken’s display at Macy’s. We had very good timing and caught the light show as well. This was the third year we’ve done it so it’s quite the tradition now.

Frank and I had a lovely time at his company’s holiday party at the swanky country/hunt club place in the country. His co-worker is sending me the url to a website where they tell you where they’re knocking down old houses and selling domestic parts for cheap. I love used domestic parts. Better than new.

I’m about 90% done with my Christmas shopping. Tricky when it’s on a budget. I dragged the Pumpkin on a five hour walk on Saturday. She is seriously a super kid.

I’m even catching up with RowHouse. I am writing about interior design in small spaces. I have all these photos. Seriously, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

I finally got my bike back. Frank got me some lights and remarkably, the number of suicidal pedestrians jumping in front of me has decreased 84.6%. Cars don’t seem to be cutting me off as much either. I dare say my legs are looking so good that I might be able to wear a mini skirt again… maybe.

The Dexter finale was almost lame but then it redeemed itself. I am looking forward to Weeds, Nurse Jackie, and True Blood.

Ok, Frank is singing silly songs about blogging. It’s time for bed at a reasonable time.

December 29, 2009 – Holiday 2009

Went to New Jersey, got lost. Then found step brothers house. Have lovely time with all the grandkids.

Off to New York, got lost in lower Manhattan. Oh how one does forget. Had lovely rest of Christmas eve with mom, step-dad and sibling.

Christmas morning:
Held presents for hostage while family went to church for carols which I sang although my voice was still gone. Had presents, sauerbraten and lots and lots of gingerbread. Watched Love Actually and Better Off Dead. The Pumpkin flipped out over perfect holiday present choices. Frank is ecstatic over house sized helicopter.

Day after Christmas:
Ladies of the family leave manly members in search of Elizabethan goodness at Planting Fields Arboretum. Wonderful outing with good friends, costumes and a big, beautiful house. Lush green houses which are very welcome during the crap-tastic weather. Afterwards, goodies consumed at The Milleridge Inn.

Sunday we headed back to Philly rather early for fear the cats were completely out of food. Got back home, eventually, no thanks to the stupid NJ Turnpike. House, cats and tree are all OK.

Spent last two days settling back in. Had first mommy-daughter piano lesson. Really thinking I should have taken the entire week off.

Back to work tomorrow. I actually have a lot of work to fit into two days. I am really glad the snow is gone so I can ride to work. I have started doing yoga in the morning since it’s free on cable. Might as well do something inside during the winter and we’re paying for it anyway.


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