September 2009 – Our Stolen Honda, Visiting with New Friends, and 9/11 in Philadelphia

9/18 – Proof That the Honda Civic is the Most Stolen Car

Yup. Someone snatched our Honda.

What I hope from this is that the insurance covers everything so we break even. That would be awesome. I thought we got over our heads with this one anyway being that it was pricey. Car number two will be cheaper and easier to manage.

Meanwhile, we are borrowing a neighbor’s car because we have the best neighbors in the world. Not sure what we’re going to do between now and when we get a new car in regards to getting the Pumpkin after school. Actually, if it wasn’t for her schedule, we would probably do without.

Now, I definitely need a bicycle really bad and will probably pick one up this weekend.

At least I was spared the rant about city life because a friend of Frank’s who lived in suburban Long Island got her car broken in to. It can really happen anywhere. Not just in the city.

At least the chicken I cooked last night for lunch today was awesome. And I scored a free yogurt parfait from the lunchroom. Have to be thankful for small things.

9/14 – Just another day…

9/11 is not what it is in NYC. That being said, because of all the colonial stuff lying around especially little red brick row houses and a certain bell, I feel like people are generally happy to be American pretty much every day.

The rest of the weekend was fabulous. A happy drop in from a friend who hung around the entire day, including food shopping.

Hershey was awesome.

The Pumpkin’s first day is tomorrow.

9/9 – I’m Begining to Think It’s Hershey

I feel like night of the living dead. Or maybe it should be day of the living dead. My coughing is scaring my coworkers. Be afraid… very afraid.

I always get sick around when Frank’s work has their yearly picnic at Hershey. Yeah, it sucks. At least this year, I might actually be feeling better by the time we go instead of having to skulk around Hershey Park being icky.

Our weekend kicked major butt. Friday I got to escape slightly early. Made it to NY with little traffic. Saturday my mom took the Pumpkin and Frank and I got to spend a day like we did before we became parental units. We parked by the old apartment, admired the new security system they installed and then headed over the Brooklyn Bridge. We tried to go to the Pizzaria Uno for lunch but it was insanely crowded. Instead we got food court nibbles which included bubble tea and crepes. Frank got a burrito because he doesn’t do crepes. Then we headed up to Gothic Renassaince to buy our tickets for Sunday, passing through a street fair. I wish I had more money.

We were going to wander across town to get back to the F to head back to Brooklyn when Frank says why not see if my hair dresser is available. I am skeptical but lo and behold he was not only there but available and was able to fix the mess that my hair had become. He actually asked, “What happened to you?” I explained the Philly hairdressers do not understand what I’m talking about. Frank took many photos so hopefully I can look normal between visits back to my NY hairdresser. Really, it’s worth it.

Sunday morning we went to Century 21. I miss Century 21. Century 21 is worth waiting to shop at. Then we hung around with the fam. Very relaxed. My entire purpose of the weekend was to not stress out. After a BBQ with the fam, we headed back to the seester’s apartment to get ready. The dress I thought I was going to wear didn’t quite work because I totally forgot to pick up a belt at Century 21. I’m very glad I brought my old reliable plaid jumper which I’ve been wearing since the last time I went to The Bank. We got a slightly late start but not too bad.

The Bank was awesome. We saw people we haven’t seen in years. A few missed the night which was too bad. It would have been nice but we’ll hopefully catch them in the next visit. They’ve sinced remodeled the venue. The dance floor is too small. Didn’t matter. Too many people to even move. Because everyone looks the same, it’s sort of surreal. Almost like time hasn’t elapsed. We stayed out all night.

Monday we were hoping for a little more sleep. We decided to brave our friend’s BBQ. Glad we did. By the time we got home, we were beyond tired. Yesterday I was night of the living dead.

Today I actually feel sick. Figures.

And that’s about all the energy I have.


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