Half of the Honda Found in Camden

Yup, they found it. At least most of it. No radiator, intake thingy, instrument cluster, airbags, door panels, center console or lights. Oddly enough the seats and glass were all ok. Total loss though. Part of me thinks someone could bring it back from the dead.

The good news is we got all Frank’s CDs back. Thieves didn’t like our music. Zoë’s photo also. Not carseat. I can’t imagine what that’s worth being several years old so it would have been nice if they left it. Also Frank’s sweatshirt and the bat. Not sure what gives about those things but if I see that sweatshirt walking around here I am calling the cops.

Had to take the day off to get all the calls made, paper work done and see the carnage and sign off. Took a little time to check out some options for a replacement car. I think we’re going with a BMW 318ti, which is the really little one they made in the late 90s. It’s an oldie but goodie. BMWs don’t even register on the cars people like to steal list and one that is that old and that nonpopular, even better. Even better still, we found one for a decent price. I have to see about a loan tomorrow but it’s going to be a great deal more comfortable for us than the Honda was. Plus it’s a BMW which Frank is very handy with being a BMW techie guy by profession. The potential acquisition is just the most beautiful ever. We really would love it. Requires a drive to Maryland but it is worth it.

And another happy note is that I was able to find a foldable bike for $199. A lovely, brand new Dahon which folds up really small. It’s their budget-friendly version but I am not exactly running the Tour de France with it. I’ve got my helmet so tomorrow will be a first run to see how it goes.

Also happy was a wonderful visit from my mom and step-dad for an early anniversary celebration. Of course, I fell down the stairs and now am quite sore but nothing broken.

Ok, this week has just been insane. I would like to order several months of peaceful existance…


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