Almost There…

Ziggy, our first BMW 318ti.
Ziggy I

We are one loan and a field trip away from our very own BMW 318ti! For those who remember my beloved CRX, the 318ti is practically the same thing, only with a backseat. Driving it on Sunday, we found a local one, was just the most fun ever.

Unrelated and irritating, I have no idea why not but I can’t keep my bike under my desk. I am debating buying a suitcase to put it into. The guys felt really bad so they let me keep it in the storage closet behind the concierge’s desk. Meanwhile, there is a rack behind the office with a guard nearby so I’m hoping for the best. The lock guarantees a bike up to $1,200 which works for me. Otherwise riding to work is a wonderful workout.

If anyone is curious – – I love the newer models but, like every car I like, they weren’t brought to the US. In any case we’re really excited because we found the Holy Grail of cars – owned meticulously by an older gentleman (kept all repair records) whose wife ironically owns the Mercedes Compresser CLK roaster I always wanted. I sense, when we meet them, that this couple will remind us of us in 20 or so years.

So in the end, hopefully, we will have a tiny car to go with our tiny house and a very happy ending to an otherwise very crappy week.


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