Furniture a Go-Go, Driving Capers and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Speaking of work, the site is working well. It helps to make sure the IP for the web site isn’t also working on some other resource gobbling activity. Web sites are greedy and do not like to share. All fixed and all is well. I have one more pesky issue to work on but I need further techie support for that. Close… Today I got to work on an artsy project. Much happiness.

The weekend was quite lovely. Maybe Thursday or Friday, we rearranged the furniture in our living room. It’s a miracle! The sofa fits sideways and the room looks much bigger. Now one gets a nice view of the front of the room from the sofa instead of the stairs. I think it’s better chi. Then we had this issue as so what to do with our Tiffany lamp. It needs it’s own special table. We’ve been looking for over a year. Nadda. Then Friday evening, we go to Uhuru, second hand furniture store and voila! The perfect table for the perfect price. I think it’s destiny about the new arrangement since the table was just there waiting for us. Plus, now I have a place to stash crap without anyone having to look at it.

Saturday I got to drive the car because Frank was working. I avoided eight people who blew through stop signs and all manners of insanity in the parking lots. I only stalled twice. I am still getting a feel for the gears. That evening we noticed a little seepage in the basement on the new side. It’s not the water heater, which we need to clean out anyway, but any water is somewhat alarming. However, it’s a basement so it’s so be expected. And we did get wicked rain. The old side of the house is fine. Just goes to show they don’t make them like they used to. It’s making us think that we should probably redo the kitchen sooner than later. We are starting to plan now. I figure it’ll take about five years or so.

Sunday, the Pumpkin wanted to come running with me so I dragged her along. She did a mile before giving up. Next time she’ll be OK with heading home and letting me go on. We had a lovely pumpkin carving party at our friend’s house. Kids played nicely. Good grown-up conversation. Awesome pumpkins. Meeting more local folk. A bonus on all accounts. Frank did this experimental black-light pumpkin that came out awesome. I did haunted row houses, of course. Really, everyone’s pumpkins looked great. And this year we didn’t need power tools to cut them.

Which brings me to this week. A short one in which I will hopefully make progress on everything I need to be progressing with. Including laundry.


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