From the Archive – March to June 2010

March 7, 2010 – I am a Busy Camper

I got two new clients! I make them websites and they make me feel like my old self. Hooray!

Beautiful weather for a change. House got much needed airing out. The Pumpkin got to ride her bike around.

I need my tax refund NOW.

My great uncle is on his deathbed, literally. It is one of those things where it must be accepted. He is surrounded by family. I wish I could be down there as well but alas, no. I think I may be of better use in the assisting with the organization of the aftermath and being helpful so we’ll get down in April. I feel like in some way, this has brought the family together, a rebirth in the passing. I will miss my great uncle’s uncanny ability to be positive, tell the funniest moral stories and always have chocolate turkeys no matter what time of year. I will write more. I can’t get settled enough to write now.

The borg is very nervewracking. I am most uncomfortable but trying to put my very best foot forward. I am trying to stay optimistic, which is hard. I hope, because Philly is a tough town to work in, that I emerge afloat. My recent client work is raising my spirits and carrying me through.

I found missing photos for an article about a row house in Chicago. Score!! Article done and one right around the corner. First, I had to redo my own website and update my portfolio.

On Wednesday, the Pumpkin got her cast off. Thank God. It was vile. Absolutely vile. I took her out to special mommy-daughter lunch and painted her toenails pink to celebrate.

I just realized that we need to prep and paint our front windows. Thank God we only have five. The threshold needs to be replaced too. Must do research and pick out colors. I’m letting Frank pick the colors for the outside.

I think that does it. Going to get an episode of The Tudors in. I am so desiring something 16th Century now… crap.

April 29, 2010 – Has a Month Really Gone By?

Oh dear. We’ve been busy.

Just back from Florida and swamped so naturally no time to write. Oh well.

I do want to note about the Jesus freaks at the club on Saturday in Ibor city. They were so fun to play with. Really, what’s worse? Wearing all black and dancing or having your 8 year old daughter out past her bedtime in an area where people are clearly doing adult things. I though they were going to pass out when I told them I go to church. Not so smarty pants, now, are you. Like yelling at people is really going to work.

Anyway, the trip was nice. Saw some lovely old Floridian homes. Sometimes I wonder… but just a little bit. Tarpon Springs continues to be one of my favorite places. And it was cool. No heat stroke. Score!

It was nice to see the relatives. Got to hang with my cousin who I haven’t seen in years. Weird that she’s 21 now. God, I am old.

And a little sad. It’s weird when someone is here one minute and then just gone. Just like that. Better when you have time to prepare and accept and come to terms. My uncle is currently in a quite lovely jar. Very pretty. Much better than being in a hole in the ground. At least he’s never far and sort of still there. I can handle the jar. I don’t like hole in the ground at all. I told Frank I wish to be kept in Tupperware, to avoid spilling and making for easy transit. I have no intention on missing the party just because I’m in a different container.

May 23, 2010 – Tea for Two Has a Nice Ring to it

Well, I can’t complain really. I was going to cancel the tea party. Wasn’t really gelling, but then I had some coworkers who seemed excited and I thought it would be rude to cancel so I continued on. Fast forward to tea time, with princess cakes and finger sandwiches with the crust cut off and actually brewed tea and voila! Three hours of me and my very patient co-worker who runs the jewelry show sitting around. Thankfully she was very gracious about the entire thing. I at least expected phone calls. After all, that is the thing to do when you must cancel something no?

I have to give my sister props. She came all the way from New York. But the princess cakes were worth it. We had a lovely afternoon of chatting.

On to more successful things. Covenant was around the corner meeting people at Dancing Ferret. Frank brought me over to meet the band and I had the most lovely conversation with Joakim Montelius about his daughter Alva, our Pumpkin and dealing with stage fright. I would have been nice to have them over for tea. I certainly had leftovers. Anyway, I was so awesome. They are just the coolest guys ever. I would be willing to do somewhat unsavory things to be able to work in a studio with them for a week.

Then it was back to the house to get ready for the show. Our friends joined us for the show and we even got my sister to come out. I will allow myself one snarky comment that it’s funny that people from NY will come and visit but from right here in Philly?

Anyway, bedtime comes.

June 12, 2010 – I’m a Bad Blogger

If you wait too long between posting, you find you need to write War and Peace. And life is slipping, slipping, slipping by…

OK, recent news. Crabs. We saw crabs, although not as many as I would have liked. We counted crabs. We flipped some crabs and got them headed in the write direction again. We saw crab love going on. Accompanied by a beautiful beach sunset. The crabs may be on to something. Definitely planning on going again next year.

Got home early. Spent Friday with a big to-do list. Cleaned house, got hair cut by new person here. Very cool, did a good job. A little expensive but since I’m cutting Frank and the Pumpkin’s hair, I figure it’s worth it.

Picked up fabric.

Had a wonderful afternoon visit with a dear, old friend from Bklyn by way of DC. Sometimes LJ just isn’t adequate. In person is better.

Then on to Korean BBQ, for the first time. Very yummy.

Today, it has been insane. I started the curtains for my client. Coming out really nice. The fabric is divine. Should get the sides finished tomorrow and then be able to take them over to the store where they’ll wait until the brackets are hung and I can hem. Leftover scraps will become next outfit. Then on to the brown for the other side.

Did laundry. Should be folding laundry or paying bills or sleeping. Anything but journaling and watching HGTV but I am enjoying some alone time.

Tomorrow is another packed day.

June 24, 2010 – Facebook May Be Hazardous for my Health

I think I have a hard time writing because I am now accustomed to sentence long blurbs. I blame it on Facebook which has made me entirely lazy.

Chex Mix turtle snack bars are incredible.

My new challenge is to work exactly 40 hours a week. Apparently I’ve been getting a lot of overtime although I don’t feel like I’m more than five minutes over here or there at any given week. But, I haven’t been paying attention and apparently it adds up. It’s stupid. I should be salaried. I lost about $10K in wages, bonus and benefits when I came here and became hourly. And according to Career Builder, at least, the average salary for what I do, in Philly, is about $20K more than I make. And, if that wasn’t enough, when I talk to other webby types, they just aren’t as insanely busy as I am.

I am bound to a pretty tight schedule because of the Pumpkin but I don’t watch the clock. There isn’t even a clock on my web server desktop. And the stupid clock in system rounds up or down so it’s nearly impossible to figure out exactly when 40 hours is, unless you leave at exactly the same time and on intervals of six minutes. Because a 45 minute lunch, started on the hour, will end up being either 42 minutes or 48 minutes. It’s stupid.

Annoyed as I am, I refuse to let the stupid machine win. I am writing down my tasks for a week to see how I am working through my projects and to make sure my manager knows I am busy. It’s hard to remember everything off the top of my head. And I am going to get a timer of some sort. Something that beeps, loudly.


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