Today is my Friday and I am not Celebrating April Fools Day

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go to work, I somehow took an odd step off the last stair and while I didn’t tumble, I did do something to my toe that make an ungodly crack noise. Fast forward to today and voila, one purple toe. Yay!! We’re averaging one broken toe a year at our place. At this rate, we’ll have to move because we’re going to run out of toes. My house eats toes. For the record, I wasn’t even rushing. Thank goodness I can ride my bike without any pain so it isn’t holding me up too much.

I am looking forward to our April. There is Easter, of course. I was going to wear cute shoes but alas, no. I am going to really behave because later this month we are going to Florida and I will wear a bathing suit and I know the relatives are bound to notice the extra pound or ten that I have Turkish Delight to thank for. Must behave.

Then we are having an Ugly Tie Party. I have to remember to call people that I don’t have on Facebook. Also, there will be a trip to the art museum for the Pumpkin and her little friend from after-school. I am getting better at organizing these things.

So it’s going to be a busy April. Client work is good and lately I’ve been getting requests for sewing projects. Score!! I wonder if I wouldn’t be happier with several jobs instead of just one that keeps me stuck behind a desk. But then again, when the memory fails me, I can always get here on autopilot. God forbid I get confused and forget which job to go to. It could get rather complicated.

Anyway, all this go go go and not a lot of thinking. Just finished “Death in Venice.” Interesting. There are other stories so I think I’ll try one of the others before I decide if I don’t care for Mann. Right now reading “The Women” which is about Frank Lloyd Wright’s love affairs, fictional of course, but it’s fun. Same author who wrote “Road to Wellville.”

Otherwise all is well. I am itching for a new Philafleur something awful. I already have it all picked out. I just need to do it. But it will have to wait. Maybe a nice summer project?


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