My Brain is Mush

Which isn’t good. I’m tired.

Our recent bad luck of late, has been replaced with good luck. Frank was able to get State Farm to help out with the road hazzard injury thus reducing financial strain. Stupid potholes.

Then Frank got a fish today. We must decide about the fish. It’s a good fish but has logistical problems.

Which brings me to the next thing, which is another reason to be highly irritated by the borg and it’s 45 hour work-week for which I get paid less than I made three years ago at a non-profit.

I had an important call. Upon review with my mom who is knowledgable, it seems to have gone well. I can only hope and pray.

I need to sleep something aweful. I’m actually thinking about turning in now. Although I should take this time to work on RowHouse. I am really close to a new design, one that will be more user-friendly for the photos.

The Pumpkin had a little play today at summer camp. It was very cute and I am glad I am getting my money’s worth there.

And finally, sometimes I read other people’s bios and feel like I’ve been wasting valuable time. I haven’t won any awards, no graduate school, nadda. Blech! Although I work my arse off I am professionally lame. Dooomed. DOOOOOMED.

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