On Becoming a Lady

Lately, I have been embracing my age and working on becoming an elegant lady. First, I have purchased the “How to Live Like a Lady” instructional booklet from Anthropologie. It’s purse sized. I read it while I was waiting for my lunch inquisition the other day and it was comforting to have notes readily available before a key manners moment.

Then, to my delight, this month’s Real Simple magazine came and voila! An entire fashion spread on looking like a lady. Hooray! And I love everything! Although everything is way out of my budget, usually, you can find classic pieces in the discount stores. I will clip everything and put it into my clothing binder for later reference. I wish I still had time to sew clothes.

I am so excited that ladylike is coming back into style. Such good timing as I am looking to evolve. Bonus!

Transitioning on, I have to mention that I love my running skort, which I wear bicycling. It’s awesome. More modest than spandex shorts but very cute and girly. I wish it wasn’t day-glo pink but alas, that was what was on sale. I should have gotten several.

Finally, evolution often comes with a change in environment as well as appearance. I have successfully gone through three inquisitions. I have a fourth scheduled. We are all praying that I continue doing well and have some good news to share soon. It is certainly good practice at being patient for someone who wants to know now.


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