A Warm and Fuzzy Day

Today the official notice of my departure from The Borg went out. I’ve gotten some very nice emails from people wishing me luck and saying they liked working with me. Totally warm and fuzzy.

The last webinar I will do, occured today and went off very well. So nice to leave on a good note. I will be very happy to not have to do them, even though they all went well, participants were happy, and it was a successful start to the program. If it wasn’t for my stagefright which extends to webinar hosting, I think I might have liked it more.

My new colleagues at Dragon U are sending me all sort of things to review. So nice to be prepared for my first day and getting right to work. I don’t do well with downtime at all and welcome the work.

The only downside is that I only got four or so hours of sleep last night because I had this horrible dream about moving to a lovely house in Ardmore (a swanky suburbanish town just outside of Philly) that I had seen on realtor.com, a really nice house, that turned out to be infested with hairy spiders the size of grapefruits, who only came out after we moved in, that I had to stab with a fireplace poker to get rid of like in some bizaar video game and then I had to get up to use the bathroom (in real life) and by the time I got back in bed, I was awake again for pretty much the rest of the night. I am so, so tired.

I fully admit that having to walk up and down stairs to use the bathroom isn’t the best idea in the world. Good for shapely legs, bad for getting back to sleep once your heart rate has increased from the climbing.

It’s funny because we actually have plenty of spiders in our present house but they are really small ones that mostly stay out of sight and eat the mosquitos.


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