It’s been so long I forgot my password.

And then I asked for a new one on the 16th and, well, this is how it’s been.

I decided to accept a freelance position with the Borg. Mostly, because I need the money something awful. Also, because I only work with the people I liked working with so it’s actually been nice. And they still haven’t replaced me because I was that awesome, ok, well maybe very useful.

The new job with the Dragons is good. I shall call it the Lair. I’m happily working on some projects and adapting. Need to shed some emo baggage but I’m starting to feel like my old self again. I found this kick arse application that makes brilliant charts for mapping info arch. I am happier than a pig in shit, really, using it. Not like the PEMBOK says you have to use one thing over another, because it’s all about the process, but this is saving boku time. I wish I discovered it sooner. The CMS is more convaluted than IckTron, if that is even possible. Why can’t people design a good CMS UI? Oh, wait. I did for TCB. Sigh…

I am on curtain overdrive because I need my kitchen back for Thanksgiving. I need a sewing miracle. I am really excited about house guests this November. I am not as excited for them to see my house in this state.

I am almost done with updating all the row house pages. Have I written anything new? Nope – just can’t do it with the paid stuff to do.

So much has been going on. I don’t even have time to catch my breath. My house is a pigsty. Laundry, although clean, is everywhere I turn. There is just stuff everywhere. Let me mention that last week I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair and put leave-in hair conditioner on my face instead of lotion. And my eye has been twitching non-stop for the past three weeks. Seriously, it’s been that sort of past few months. I clearly have too much on my plate.

And, even though all this is going on, I am running again. I ran a wonderful 3.9 miles last Sunday and it felt awesome. I’m out every other day, at least 3 miles. I kick myself because this entire summer I didn’t run and could have. is so much fun!

Of course, I made time for our friend’s annual pumpkin carving party and we decorated for the holiday (photos on FB). I wore my 18th Century dress for Talk Like a Pirate Day and it was roomy (thankfully it’s adjustable) so I figure I’ll be fine for Halloween, or the Bustle again, or whatever. Still not sure but it’ll be something in the closet. I wanted a Venecian mask but they are so pricy.

I am an official Big Sister. I had lunch with my Little today. She’s a lot of fun – really chatty. I look forward to becoming good friends.

There has been so much – I am a very bad blogger but with essentially three jobs, I’m just about surviving these days and mostly on autopilot.

My goal for the next month is to get a few outstanding things crossed off my to-do list, be a good hostess and have a stoop sale. The trick is to stay focused and on schedule and try to get to sleep at a reasonable time. Speaking of which, off I go. 🙂


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