I don’t know where to begin. First, my grandfather had a stroke last week which has left him mostly paralyzed. I feel like part of who I am fundamentally is slipping away. Is it irrational to feel somewhat marooned or lost? I have no reasoning other than maybe it’s because it’s an effect of larger life events that I don’t have control over. My OCD doesn’t like that.

I still have too much on my plate. Means no time to think, feel, dream… Only do, do, do. Crap. To that effect, I should be working, sewing, folding… I don’t know where to begin. I need a to-do list.

You know what is scary? We are watching the opening credits to Willy Wonka, the original, and I know all the goodies shown. Kisses, Kit-Kats, Mallowmars… I could go for some Mallowmars or Toffefay. Nom nom nom.

Christmas came early and I got my webby software at the lair. I’m working on plans and processes and organization. Like a pig in shit.

Tomorrow I am taking the pumpkin to see the Thanksgiving Day parade followed by some turkey and fam quality time.


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