RowHouse Lives!

I have finished the redesign of RowHouse. That means more writing, finally. Who-hoo!

I’m having a good holiday weekend and catching up with all the things on my to-do list and looking forward to a six mile run tomorrow. I’m working on a plan to assemble Team Tegge for next year’s half-marathon and lure them here with promises of cheesesteak and dinners by the fireplace. But first, I must go the distance, 13.1 miles to be exact.

Doing some thinking about my personal evolution. I think I have been approaching it the wrong way – looking for a momentous epiphany. Part of me would like to wake up one morning and throw out all my things, buy all new things and move, just to reflect who I think I should be for the next 20 years. Alas, that isn’t happening. Being a wife/mom sort of kills that and I would miss my house.

Instead, I am going to apply some techniques for managing problems that I have learned from the PEMBOK and take things in small increments with regular communication (with myself) check-points.

1) With regards to appearance, I can’t complain really. Sure, I would love to be covered with tattoos and be truly freaky. But I love the way I look in a suit – people think I’m a smarty pants. They let me do important things. I finally don’t feel like I’m borrowing my mom’s clothes when I wear my business clothes. It helps that due to the running and biking that I’m in better shape now than I have been in for a long time. All I need to do is grow out my hair again and I’ll be a happy camper.

2) Career is good – next.

3) Interests. It’s time to focus on what I really love. I am not going to get any brownie points for being able to do a little of everything.

Ooops. Time for bed. Sleepy, sleepy. Zzzzzzzzz


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