I Enjoy Being a Girl… Ramblings Galore

Wrong as it may be, I have a problem with accepting the idea that things that are inherently different can be equal. And, in trying to make things even, like bangs, you undoubtedly have to trim so much away that the end result doesn’t look anything like anyone intended.

I was reading – On The Issues Magazine The Progressive Woman’s Magazine Winter 2011: The Rise of Enlightened Sexism – http://www.ontheissuesmagazine.com

I ask – Do you ever feel that in trying to be more equal with men, we have succeeded in losing the characteristics that are superior?

Additionally, and this is going to get rotten fish stuffed into my mailbox, does it seem that without women to take care of (even though we all know who ran the household and really made all the rules) men have lost their way because they are programmed to do that and just can’t cope, on some level, with the loss of purpose?

A stretch, I know.

I’m not talking about the discrepancies when the playing field is level, like lower pay for the same work and more expensive haircuts that take less time to cut. Same work should be paid the same. Same service should cost the same.

But to say that gender should be equal when our brains and biology are not designed the same way and therefore cannot be equal is just futile. If we narrow our vision to only what can be in-common, we lose the ability to see what is exceptional about each.

I would like to think it would be better to concentrate on balance. Not with everything being equal but rather the best combination of strengths and weaknesses that would create a harmonic balance.

It would be nice to throw gender out of the window (because that alone isn’t straightforward itself) and focus more on finding a personal balance with yourself and others around you. I would hope this balance would improve general well being and make people more open to accepting the strengths of others around them, regardless of gender, because instead of hiding weakness and being embarrassed, we could embrace our weaknesses and look to others to provide a completion of what we’re lacking. This way we cherish what strengths other people have and support the opportunity in each other to be exceptional. It would no longer be a question of male or female, better or worse – we would admire and appreciate traits in each other and be thankful that they exist because balance is the objective.

Equality seems to have evolved into having to be everything to everyone, which no one can really accomplish. We need each other.


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