I Can’t Plan Ahead for the Holidays

Because I don’t have the closet space to hide things.

The panic is starting to settle in. I haven’t even started shopping. I am going to be running around like a maniac next weekend. Fortunately, I have lots of great stores within a 10 mile radius so not only will I get my shopping done, I will also get a workout.

Otherwise all is ok so I present some random observations.

A) People think that being run over by a bike will be painless, otherwise why would they walk into oncoming bike traffic, on purpose.

B) It’s cold. The bus is starting to look really good.

C) I am going to need industrial strength moisturizer this winter.

And, we had a very nice birthday weekend with lots of cake and a kick arse BBQ dinner. Zoe got a nice shopping spree and added more to her collection of Barbies. It is really scary how fast time goes.


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