Holiday Malaise…

Instead I think it is my hormones. Just feeling funky.

Could be that due to finances, I had to wait until the last minute to get Christmas presents and I still haven’t gotten something for my mom because nothing is perfect enough. I hate feeling pressured and rushed. How can there be nothing awesome in the entire city? WTF? Sigh…

At least we have some presents and food. Some don’t have that

Zoe and I did our usual mommy daughter holiday stuff outting. Of course she got over-excited and I got a headache. I am so glad we’ve started the evaluation process. Sigh…

I’m just plain exhausted. I need a couple of days where I don’t do much of anything, except run and maybe write row house articles and work on the cross-stitch of doom. Or I can try to be in bed by 9:30 every day this week.

I feel like the glue that holds me together is coming undone. Can a person feel frayed?

I should be elated. I have passed through the probationary period at work with flying colors. They are happy. I really feel like it’s a good fit. And I have so many plans. They love my reports.

I have the sneaking suspicion that something fundamental is off-balance and in need of remedy. Things that should make me happy aren’t and maybe that’s because something is so wrong that it is making everything else insufficient. But I have absolutely no idea what that could be.

Could be hormones…


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