It’s Not Easy Being Mom

Michelle Obama made a mommy faux-paux. We all know the one, you know, in which your mom announces something horribly embarrassing about your teenager self to the entire planet. Just the sort of thing you realize you are doing to your own kid which has miraculously morphed into something not that bad but of course devistating to the hormone laden teenager.

I thought she had shared that one of her daughters had gotten her period or has a new boyfriend or any number of things, but no. The family doctor was concerned about her kids weight. I might get a new doctor if I were them. Last time I checked, her kids seem rather svelt. And neither Michelle nor Barack seem to be heavy people. But in and of itself, I think the country looks to the first family as an example and childhood weight issues are fairly common. I bet the kid is mortified. Somehow when you are a teenager, anything your mom says is embarrassing, even if she is only mentioning what shirt you are wearing. You want the attention yourself, not delivered my mom.

So maybe a little inconsiderate of Mrs. Obama not to think that anything/everything she might say about her nearly teenager daughter could be devistating for the simple reason that her daughter is a proto-teenager, a female besides, and is going through that phase. I think the important point is missed. The family got a recommendation from their doctor and then put counter-measures into action. Maybe the young lady was harboring snack-cakes under her bed or eating one too many chips. Maybe in their busy schedule, they have been eating a little too much processed food or take-out. Things happen. The point is, they are being proactive. They aren’t waiting until their kid develops health problems to get back on track. And being proactive in a positive way is rarely a bad idea.


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