Fantastic Frog Friday

Pocket FrogsAs I’ve mentioned before, I have a serious addiction to Pocket Frog. On the good side, it’s making me patient. Instead of rushing the Pumpkin to get ready and hurry up, I just whip out my Pocket Frogs and voila – instant patience. On the bad side, well… there is no bad side. Just a lot of frogs.

For those who do not know, Pocket Frogs is this great app for the iPhone. You collect super cute little frogs – see picture – and breed them, feed them flies and make cute habitats for them. It’s awesome and requires less dexterity than Angry Birds. Pretty easy to do and very addicting. The ribbit and sploshy sound effects are an added bonus.

I am not the only one who loves Pocket Frogs. So, for my froggy friends out there, I’ve made a helpful spreadsheet that organizes the frogs by award, and then by color and pattern, as well as a halfway decent master list of all the colors and patterns that exist, at least up to level 10.

Download Pocket Frog Spreadsheet!

The only thing is, I wish I could catalog more frogs. They only let you keep 50 and you can make many more frogs than that. I’ve tried to collect frogs that cover all the colors and patterns so I can use them for breeding and have a spreadsheet included in the file above.

Have a great Friday!!


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