Adventures in WordPress I

I am embarking on an adventure in web development. It’s name is WordPress.

Up until now, I have made lots of lovely static HTML page for my websites. They’re a little unruly and old fashioned, but they work, they’re easy and they’re quick, sort of. I have to admit, for my own personal stuff, I don’t always do the “right” thing, because I am rushed and tired after doing the “right” thing all day at work.

The RowHouse website is getting a little big, so I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time for a content management system or CMS. I don’t need anything complicated, just something easier to manage than pages of html. I don’t have a budget so it has to be free. So I did some research and apparently WordPress is supposed to be able to work as a CMS, based on a blogging platform which can be customized. It would also make life easier for my clients so there is value in learning how it works. And it works with Yahoo.

So during lunch today I put WordPress on my Philafleur site. It didn’t exactly work as I anticipated but I need to get a little more familiar with it. Plus, without knowing exactly where my data is being stored, I have to make sure I can access any content I put into it. Of course, I could really just forget about it for now and write a nice article about famous people in history who have lived in row houses because there have been quite a few.


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