Every Woman Wants Pretty Nails

I have never gotten a professional manicure, that I can remember. Maybe once in high school, back in the dark ages. This is because, also back in the dark ages, I worked in a salon that did nails so I learned how to do them myself. These days, I just can’t afford fancy nails. I’m rough on my hands, and although my nails grow long enough on their own, polish never lasts, thanks to our lack of a dishwasher.

I do like the look of manicured nails, though. Nice and neat French manicures are just divine. Sometimes I wish I could sit and get pampered. Then I read something about nasty nail infections from nail salons and that’s the end of that.

So what are my options? Regular polish doesn’t stay long and it’s boring. Plus I have a hard time sitting sit and not touching anything for 30 minutes, or so, while it dries. Then I saw this in the drug store:

Sally Hanson Salon Effects!

They are supposed to be easy to apply, dry instantly and last for 10 days. I am very skeptical about this but this review seems to indicate that Salon Effects delivers. I read a few other reviews and the response is overwhelmingly positive. Plus Sally Hanson is pretty reliable when it comes to nails. The true test will come when I wash dishes.

So, I am dying to try them. They run around $10 so it’s still expensive for something that is really frivolous, but I was looking forward to getting very sporty for the Broad Street Run, and the outfit I wanted I probably will pass on because I need new trainers, so maybe I will treat myself to some fancy fingernails instead. Not to mention it’s my birthday and every women wants to look fancy on their birthday.


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