Broad Street Run in Five Days

I admit completely that I am not ready for the Broad Street run on Sunday. I ran 6 miles on Saturday and 6.3 yesterday and today I feel a little achy. My goal is to finish within two and a half hours, after which they start kicking people off of Broad Street and on to the sidewalk to finish. That would be embarrassing. I have no idea why I had such a hard time sticking to my training schedule but I think it might have to do with too many late nights and too many cookies.

To get the house in order for next weekend, which is going to be packed with race prep, running and extra ballet classes for the Pumpkin, I took Monday off. It is a different world when you go running during the middle of the day. For one thing, it was hot. Really hot. I had to make several pit stops in every Starbucks along the way for water.

I discovered that if you run down Walnut Street, you can stay fairly cool because the air conditioning wafts out of all the stores. Bonus!

Considering I usually run in the morning before anyone is awake, aside from the park rangers by Independence Hall, it’s very surreal to be out running through center city during lunch hour with people everywhere. I was practically tripping over lunching people. I definitely prefer the morning.

I thought I would be clever and run in the shade but I got burnt anyway. I should know better but we’re out of SPF. I’ll have to pick up some before Sunday.


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