The Royal Wedding

I am old enough to remember the first royal wedding. It is amazing how different this wedding is. For one, the couple look like they’re having a good time. They seem to be saying to each other, as long as we’re together, we can survive anything, including this wedding.

When Diana and Charles got hitched, I wanted that dress. Specifically, the train. But I was the Pumpkin’s age and when you’re seven/eight, or whatever I was, 24 feet of heavy fabric dragging behind you seems like an awesome idea. Later on, when I made my own dress, I opted for half that. Still long, but managable.

I absolutely love the hats. Even the nutty ones I would never wear. Not sure why so many hats look like they’re about to fall off, but I suppose that’s the style.

The more I learn about the royal couple, the more I love them. I really wish them the best of luck.

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