Broad Street 2011 Results

My running feet.I apologize to my friends on Facebook who’ve read this. I finished the Broad Street Run in two hours, seven minutes. It was a beautiful day, perfect for running. My legs have only now stopped protesting so it’s back to the pavement tomorrow morning.

I feel like, right about the time I became able to run five miles was when I transcended from active and fit to slightly insane. I think it happened one morning while I was out and about, running in the dark, during a snowstorm. Ten miles is really serious but I did walk about a mile and a half so there might be hope for me afterall.

I have to admit, I hit my wall at two miles. When I saw City Hall in the hazy distance, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I couldn’t figure out why I had no problem running across town but was really dragging my feet right at the beginning of this supposedly easy route. Then I noticed that there are some rolling hills on Broad Street and when you run with 1,000s of other people, it’s hard to find your pace because of the distraction.

I started to look at the architecture which helped and by the third mile things were going well. And then I had to pee. The port-a-potty situation was, well, shitty. And I lost five minutes waiting in line. And Otto decided not to work so I couldn’t take any more photos or make any more en-route phone calls.

By the time I got to City Hall and the half way point, I was feeling like using one of the SEPTA tokens in my pouch but there was my Mom and Dad and the Pumpkin, who also ran earlier. Yay!! There is nothing better than having your family and friends cheer you on. Absolutely awesome!

Once I got to seven miles I walked. I’ve never run that far before. But then everyone was passing me so I felt bad and started to run again. After a little more walking and running I finally finished. Yay! I got a lovely medal but was very excited about the donuts I thought would be waiting because Dunkin Donuts was a sponsor. No donuts! Booo!

Still, it was a lovely run. Now it’s time to plan for the half marathon in November. I missed the early registration so I have to pay $100 so that I can subject myself to four hours of torture, I mean running.


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