Earth = No Vacancy

I have long thought that things on this planet are out of balance. I’ve previously blogged about how coffins, or human Tupperware, do not allow human carbon to return to the cycle of life as fertilizer. I’m a fan of smaller house size, limited stuff allocation, a small footprint and just generally being a more gentle tenant on planet Earth.

I’ve often thought that some inevitable doom is just around the corner. Turns out, I am not being paranoid. “The Earth Is Full,” by Thomas Friedman, an editorial in The New York Times this week, just about sums it up perfectly. It’s logical. While mankind, and all of our garbage, is expanding, the earth is not. So eventually, like a balloon, everything is just going to go BOOM! It’s pretty dismal. However, I think there’s hope, which I hope will come in small waves, and not apocalyptic, catastrophic change.

Change starts at home. I don’t think anyone wants to acknowledge that humans, and their homes, are the biggest consumers of resources out there and we’re reproducing and producing prolifically.

Sometimes in life, things work out unexpectedly. Many visitors to our house wonder why we bought a house that’s smaller than most people’s garages. Mostly it was for the location. But in terms of reducing our presence on this plant, our house has the following bonus points:

  • It’s mini. We don’t have room to consume. We also don’t have money to consume with and thanks to our home’s small square footage, we don’t notice because the house is still packed with stuff.
  • It’s old. Buying an old house counts as recycling.
  • It’s in a city. Our commutes are short and involve earth-friendly walking.

I didn’t wake up one day and set a goal of squashing my family into a little house but I think it’s worked out pretty nicely. Besides, human beings can acclimate to any conditions, even mini urban cottages.


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