My $8,000 Shopping Spree

As a mother of an active child, I occasionally visit various hospital departments, and in doing so, am subject to various daytime television programs. This week, while we were visiting the lovely people at Jefferson Radiology, I got to watch The Real Housewives of New York.

Interesting. First off, the housewives on the show represent such a minute fraction of all the housewives in NY that I would hardly call them real. As a slightly removed New Yorker, I find it sad that people will watch this show and think that’s what life is remotely like, because for 99.2% it’s just not. These are obviously uber-rich people, because if a small two-bedroom house in Queens can cost $500,000, imagine what a lifestyle like theirs must cost? It’s anything but “Real.” A more appropriate title would be “The Super-Loaded Housewives of NY.”

I suppose, when you are that rich, it is completely normal to go on a $8,000 shopping spree, which is what one of the couples was doing during this episode. I can’t even comprehend the idea of spending $8,000 on anything except bills or something long-term like a car or kitchen remodel. And part of me feels that with so many people down on their luck and in real need, it seems downright cruel to be so excessive. $8,000 could feel a family of four for a year and in some places, that’s a year’s rent or six months mortgage payment. You could save a life with that. But, let’s put that aside.

Clothing is one of those things where you can absolutely tell the difference between ok quality and premium workmanship. Anyone who’s ever tried on expensive shoes will tell you, they just fit better and last longer. Same with most garments. So, in case anyone doesn’t believe that it’s easy to spend $8,000 on clothes in one shot, I invite you to join me for a lunch-hour shopping spree for outfits for some typical weekend activities.

Occasion – Lunch with the Ladies

When you’re lunching with the ladies, it’s important to look put together but effortless. I love maxi-dresses because they all feel like pajamas and look incredibly feminine, always put together and can go either casual or a little more formal by simply changing your shoes. It’s quite possible the most perfect look for day.

Dress: Phoebe Couture Geometric-Print Maxi Dress ($330)

Shoes: Seychelles Matter of Fact ($60)

Handbag: Eiffel Tower Lanvin Tote ($790)

Occasion – Walking the Museum Mile

Walking around calls for stylish comfort.

Sweater: Anthropologie Antwerp Cardigan ($118)

Top: Anthropologie Veering Camisole ($68)

Jeans: Anthropologie Joe’s Provocateur Skinny Jean ($169)

Sneakers: Skechers Bobs Ballarina Flat ($60)

Handbag : Gucci Greenwich Medium Shoulder Bag ($1,290.00)

Occasion – Dinner Someplace with Cloth Napkins and Real Dishes

I love doupioni. It’s a wonderful fabric. I wish I had more occasions where I could wear it.

Dress: David Meister Signature Sleeveless Doupioni Dress ($1,395.00)

Wrap: Ilana Wolf Silk Chiffon Wrap ($165)

Shoes: Classic Christian Louboutain Peep-toe Pump ($795)

Handbag: Elie Tahari Clutch ($398)

Occasion – Poolside

Bathing Suit: Gottex Aquarelle Flower ($178.00)

Hat: Rag & Bone Wide Brim Straw Beach Hat ($175)

Grand total, for this very preliminary shopping spree, is just about $6,000, without jewelry or pajamas and shopping online. Fun, isn’t it? If budget wasn’t an option, what would you buy?


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