Otto, the iPhone, Gets a C- In Time Management 101

I absolutely love the way I can set a calendar event in my iPhone (named Otto) and it beeps at me. This is much better, or so I thought, than my paper organizer that didn’t beep. I also love the idea of only having to carry my phone, and not a huge organizer, since it makes my bag much lighter. However, it’s not exactly working out.

For addresses and phone numbers, Otto is great. For beeping when I have something to do, Otto is also great. But Otto doesn’t move the note to a new page when I procrastinate the non-essentials. Tasks just fall off the screen into oblivion. Otto doesn’t show everything for the entire week at once because I have more things to do than the screen will show.

A few things have gotten lost so I am now in a constant state of panic. I’m sure there is a sophisticated app somewhere but I feel the need for good old paper and pen, like a kid needs a security blanket. The mere process of writing things down is soothing, and I miss it.

I don’t want to carry a heavy organizer so I need to find something smaller. I have some options.

  1. Small weekly planner.
  2. Combine the organizer and my wallet, thus only retaining one item.
  3. Dig up my old organizer, which isn’t that heavy once the addresses are removed.

I’m taking a short lunch today because I will be on semi-vacation and working from home next week so I thought I would research some options. Since everyone is unique, there seems to be a system for everyone. I thought I would share some things that have caught my eye.

Getting Sh-t Done

I love this approach. It’s ultra simple. I tried something similar with a notebook and post-it notes but it’s not quite structured enough to calm my OCPD brain.


Really pretty planners for the busy mom. The structure of the pages is good for people who have to juggle multiple people in their lives.


Can’t go wrong with this popular line. I’ve had several.


Very snazzy organizer with nice thin paper and endless filler options. I had the most wonderful FiloFax but unfortunately, it was a light color that eventually became to grungy to use.

There are many more, of course, and one does have my name on it…


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