Free Swimming in Philadelphia

Photo: Patrick Hoesly -
Photo: Patrick Hoesly –

Swimming in a nice refreshing pool during the summer should not be a luxury. However, in dense urban areas, swimming pools don’t exactly lurk on every corner.

Sure, you can join a gym or fancy swim club, if you have money. Or, you can stay at a hotel, also expensive. Or your can make wealthy friends who may take pity on you and bring you along to their swim clubs.

We’ve spotted a private pool, decent size, in the backyard of a home not to far from ours. It spans several properties and I think it’s a splendid example of sharing the space, sharing the benefits. But, it’s just bad manners to make friends with people because of their pool.

We waited four years to try a Philadelphia public pool. The one closest to our house is long abandoned and for sale. The house next to the pool is for sale too. If we won the lottery, it would be lovely to buy both properties and combine them. The next closest pool is rather run down so we just gave up.

This year, it’s been so hot, we decided to venture across town in desperation and discovered a pool that is clean, uncrowded and has free parking nearby. Score one for the public pool system of Philadelphia!! Who knew? We’re just happy to have found such a nice pool since it seems summers just keep getting hotter and hotter. So, if you live in Philadelphia, go ahead and give the public pool a try. Chances are you probably have a decent one near you as well.


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