Exercise and the ADHD Person

My running feet.I run. I run because I don’t want to get fat. I run because it makes my legs and butt look great. I run because it makes me feel great and gives me a boost of energy for my day. I run because I feel more focused when I run. I run because it’s the easiest and cheapest exercise. However, I can’t seem to keep from falling off the running wagon every now and again.

Lately I’ve been too tired to get up early enough to run. Of course, not running only makes me more sluggish and absent minded. I seem to be stuck in a downward spiral and I don’t like it.

The September issue of Real Simple has an article about “5 Mood-Boosting Workouts” which caught my attention. They are yoga (will make you happy), pilates (sleep better), cycling (increase energy), weights (increase brain function), and Tai Chi (reduce stress). All of these benefits sound like exactly what I need and with five options, I can probably rotate without getting bored.

Of course, this is easier said than done. I still can’t beat running for cheap and easy. I don’t even have to be fully awake to do it. I used to cycle to work and can fit that back into the schedule a few times a week, especially now that summer is over and the days are cooler. My house is too small for yoga – I tried before we got rid of cable but kept hitting the walls, ditto for pilates. I could go to the park and do Tai Chi with the Chinese people but I’ve never seen them out early enough to fit it into my schedule. Weight training could probably work since you don’t have to move around as much as with yoga…

The point is, even something is better than nothing. Lack of movement is a disaster. I can literally feel my brain shutting down.


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