The Things We Learn During Hurricane Irene

1 – Hurricane’s are much more terrifying when you own (love) a house. I didn’t sleep at all Saturday night. Every noise woke me up, even if it was just the cats going up and down the stairs.

2 – Lack of sleep and stress can really make you feel horrible. This morning, I couldn’t get out of bed without feel extremely nauseous. I tried to relax today and not think and catch up on sleep and I still feel exhausted and ill.

3 – Meditation can literally change the way your brain works. We watched a lot of TV, which can also interrupt my sleep pattern, and saw this documentary about the human body, which includes the brain. The doctors analyzed the brain activity of Buddist monks and found they could literally move activity from one side of their brain to the other just by meditation. Since ADHD is a brain issue, I wonder if meditation might help? It’s worth checking out.

4 – Anxiety is bad. Anxiety can actually make you feel sick. Although I’m pretty sure a hurricane is worth getting worked up over, I think there are plenty of things I shouldn’t be stressing about. I wish there was a way to turn off worry and transfer it to some other more positive part of my brain. Hmmm.

5 – I’m just about completely off track with so many things. Although I don’t take summer vacation, I feel like my discipline is on holiday. Right about now I am ready for structure and getting back into a routine.

It’s very hard to write when your brain is all over the place… and is tired… and your stomach is in knots… so it’s off to bed early and hopefully a nice run in the morning and back to the routine.


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