Fall Fashion Outlook – Part 1

It's that time of the month… that's right. High Fashion Magazine delivery day! Yay! I can't help liking those glossy pages and perfume samples. And although I really hate that everyone's a twig, I really do like some of the clothes. Some is the operative word which brings me to the point – my fall fashion outlook, or what doesn't make me want to get my scissors and jab my eyes out. It's part one because there are always two issues with fall and winter clothes in them.

I love fall and winter because the clothes promote covering up, the fabrics are rich and textured, and the colors are generally dark, as is the make up. Naturally, I was very pleased by the first ad, one from Ralph Lauren, which shows a lovely emerald green alligator handbag opposite a lady in asian inspired jewelry and a fur trimmed vest/jacket. Topped with a cloche, it's definitely a "me" outfit. Even more "me" is the most awesome pair of red velvet platform shoes with cat-shaped toes by Charlotte Olympia, located at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC. As usual, I like the new fall items at White House Black Market. I also like an outfit from Leon MaxStudio featured in an ad where I also like the room, although it smells like faux.

It's not all good. Plenty of really, truly, hideous shoes. Also not crazy about the animal themes. I do like animal print but everything they picked is over-the-top rediculous. However, redemption follows and on the bottom of one of the pages entitled "Urban Armor," is a lovely black wool coat with alpaca collar, also at Bergdorf. I don't mention any of the prices because it's all too horrific for someone on a budget.

My favorite oxy-moron of the season is the heeled hiking boot. LMAO! Yup, three inch stilettos are exactly what I want to wear on a hike. Nevermind about that, here's an article about a movie with Antonio Banderas, "The Skin I Live In," which shows devine bedding. I wish Antonio and his lady friend would get out of the way so I can get a better look. Is that embroidery? So nice!

Finally lots of dramatic eye make up, which I also love. However, haven't quite figured out how to wear it to work without looking like a clown. It's one thing to go out, another under the glaring office lights.

So, as usual there's a lot I just hate, but on about 12 of the 400 pages, I've found things I like which isn't bad. I give a thumbs up to the lady-centric, grown-up clothes that nod to previous years when women looked like ladies who kept some air of refinement and mystery about them. That, and a really great handbag.


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