Steve Jobs 1955-2011

When someone passes on, it's nice to recollect about the times you shared together. Since I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve Jobs personally, I'll settle for sharing some anecdotes about my memorable Apple experiences. 

The first Apple I ever used was a lovely IIe model. I played hours of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" on it at my elementary school. It was on that same Apple IIe that I learned the joys of DOS and Basic programming. 

I didn't dabble with computers for a few years after and when I finally needed one, I got a PC. 

When I was in college, I did serious programming work on a PC but wrote music on a Mac, which had the habit of crashing during key recording moments. 

By the time I got into the work force full time, Macs had become really cool and came in a plethora of pretty colors, which was even more cool. As I transitioned into a "design" line of work, it seemed essential that I get a Mac to attain true artist status, but I didn't. I stuck by PCs which worked better with the network and the servers and IT was more inclined to be able to fix it. 

Then there was the occasional class during which I would be subjected to a iMac, with its minuscule keyboard that would take at least an hour to get used to, not to mention the mouse with only one button and the very irritating "apple" button. 

Nevertheless, there is a happy ending. One of the best things about Apple, is that there is something for everyone. Enter the iPhone. I absolutely love my iPhone. I love my diet tracker (Lose It!), I love the notes. I love being able to take pictures and video. I love PocketFrogs. I love my piano app. Everything is all together in a neat package. I love how easy it is to use because I don't have time to learn anything complicated.

So, even for a confirmed PC girl like myself, I find it sad that someone so visionary, someone who really knew how to make something that could brighten anyone's day, couldn't stay around longer.


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