Me, My Row House, and I

I have been keeping a scrapbook of various domestic items for the past ten years. By now, I have nearly a magazine’s worth of sofas, bookcases, paint schemes, and textiles. A carefully edited collection of my personality, represented in home items that has, to this day, more or less remained in thought and not reality. The reality is that I have neither the space nor budget to indulge in creating a space that is the most “me” a space could ever be.

Transparent toilet seat with artificial sea life.
Got fish? Quite possibly the most awesome toilet seat ever!

Feeling a void, I am especially envious of homes that are exceptionally representative of a person, so welcoming, so perfectly unique, so “them.” Not every home I admire is decadent or luxurious, many are DIY and budget-friendly so I have no absolute idea what prevents me from achieving domestic contentment.

I suspect the following:

  1. Everything I like is expensive. Never fails that the one thing in a store I like, is likely the most expensive of its type, even in second hand stores.
  2. In buying a house that is very “me,” I sacrificed wall space, closet space, room height, and square footage, not to mention budget.
  3. I can’t decide on an overall theme or style. I’ve tried and there is always something that screws it up. Take my see-through, ocean-theme toilet seat, for example. I have a rather sophisticated bathroom but I had to have that toilet seat (It’s got dolphins in it!).

Anyway, today, I read an enlightening article, in the New York Times called, All That Authenticity May Be Getting Old, where people who have carefully chosen their surroundings, to be very authentic, are thinking that maybe it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe being unique, itself negates the uniqueness.

This makes me feel better because if there is a chance that the people in those magazines and blogs I am so fond of reading are restless in their decor, then perhaps I shouldn’t be so frustrated. After all, it is the people in the home that make it a home, their home. Maybe it’s a good idea to never be quite satisfied, to allow a little space so that you have room to evolve and grow, inside your house and out.


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