A Lesson in Momentum

There are quite a few things that I feel, now in retrospect, I was probably pretty good at, was being the operative word.

One, blogging. I used to write at least once a day. I don’t believe my life was any more interesting back then but I didn’t have the workload I have now at work and let’s face it, the paycheck trumps sharing my feelings. When I started blogging 13 years ago, there was a lot more anonymity on the web. These days, they will find you, which is the point, but still unsettling when you have severe performance anxiety. Maybe I cared less back in the day. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to blog as often as I’d like and this blog isn’t nearly as popular as my Live Journal blog, although I try to make this one is more useful, generally.

Two, singing. Now that I find myself struggling to keep up with the church choir, I realize I probably was pretty decent at one point. However, years of slacking and voila – my voice sounds like crap. Thankfully, the choirmaster is devoted and promises to help out with online programs and additional practices. I YouTubed how to sing better and it seems like it’s just a matter of practicing more often. So Saturday mornings, while the Pumpkin is at ballet, I’ll be working on my voice. YouTube karaoke and vocal exercises to the rescue!

In both cases, I’ve been a prolific writer and singer since I was a girl. Years of practicing, weekly, daily, meant that I was rather decent at both. I earned it with hard work. However, I never really thought about how much I was practicing, so I never really considered how much work it took to maintain my skills. It all seemed effortless.

Three, running. I ran the Broad Street run last May. Since then, pretty dismal. I did get out twice last week and would have gone out this morning but instead I walked to work. I’m just about ready to turn in so hopefully I will bounce out of bed tomorrow at 5:45 a.m. and hit the pavement. Running is so important for increased focus and energy. I have no idea what my problem is. Sigh…

As other things came up in my life, I didn’t realize how little I was devoting to those tasks. Over time, I have lost quite a bit of skill. The most depressing is singing. Now, I have to really work to obtain a level that is mediocre compared to where I would be had I not slacked. I wish I had never stopped. It would have been so much easier to keep up the momentum, instead of having to start over, in a time in my life when I am very busy, trying to get back in the groove.


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