Philadelphia’s High Murder Rate – Not One of My Favorite Things

The new year is not only a time when you reflect on the year ahead, but also review the year past. It’s standard project management methodology to review the current state of the project to make sure things are on track and to see if adjustments are needed.

Well, Philadelphia, you need one heck of an adjustment!

Although I really love living here and can list many, legitimately wonderful things I love about living here, having the highest murders per population isn’t one of them (see Philadelphia Closes 2011 With Highest Per-Capita Murder Rate In U.S.

Common people, get it together! Other cities have lowered their murder rates. I’m a big fan of researching success stories and then braking down the steps and applying a proven method to a current problem. It’s very effective because someone else has done a lot of trial and error for you, thus saving you time.

According to the article, in Washington DC they attribute lower murder rates to a “quick turnaround time in closing cases.” In Philadelphia the murder-clearance rate is 60%, which is two points below the national average. Regardless that seems awfully low. I would think getting the psychos off the street would be a higher priority that it seems to be, or that the efficiency of the court system here really needs to be re-evaluated.

According to, “Kill-adelphia: Yet again, city tops list of homicide rates,” (” despite the jump in homicides this year, city officials prefer to focus on the past. When they compare numbers, they go back to 2007, when murders in Philly were at a five-year high of 392. Looking at it that way, they get a 17 percent decrease in the murder rate from 2007 to 2011.” If you ask me, any intelligent person isn’t going to care because 324 murders is ridiculous, even if it’s down from 500, or 1,000.

I fully understand that there will always be lunatics and violence out there. It’s inevitable. But it is very frustrating when certain residents seem set on ruining a city with so much potential. Statistics like these will drive away good citizens that live here, or would consider this a home, and it makes us who call Philadelphia home, seem like lunatics for wanting to live in a city we can’t be proud of.


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