Spring Fashion Trends: High Fashion Magazine Delivery Day!

That’s right! It’s high fashion magazine delivery day! Who-hoo!

For some reason, I am receiving a new high fashion magazine. I don’t know why I no longer get the other variety and I don’t particularly care for this one so far. It doesn’t have the same sort of articles or book and movie reviews and seems rather blah with a surplus of positively artificial looking models (Fotoshop by Adobe). Joking aside, they actually look plastic.

Regardless, I still managed to find a couple of things to comment on.

Florals are still very popular, which is good because I love florals. I also like paisley, which is also lurking about.

The “New Look.” I have been a fan of Christian Dior’s “new look” since I took a fashion history class and found out the “new look” was responsible for several of my favorite outfits growing up (hand-me-downs from the late 50s). The “new look” is custom made for a fuller figure and therefore works well on me (with a little help). As I get older, I could care less about fashion and find I want to focus on a formula that works for me and is elegant while representing my personality. Voila! Corolle et En Huit, or how to dress like a lovely lady (disclaimer: taking liberties on the translation). I always thought that a silhouette that resembled that of the 1850s was hardly new (like anything in fashion is?) but I love it anyway and therefore appreciated the nice, albeit short, article about the “new look” in the high fashion magazine.

Ladylike Handbags are showing up all over the place. I particularily was intrigued by a Bulgari number which had a rather intricate sort of wavy, piped, pleated stitching (the husband mentioned that it resembled tripe but a very beautiful tripe). I thought to myself that it would be awesome to replicate and then I really thought about it and decided that there is a reason it’s probably a $2000+ handbag. The amount of work that went into it must be astounding. What isn’t astounding is a really cute little Carolina Herrera Matryoshka bag, which looks harder to pronounce than it was to make. And it comes in a variety of great colors. However, I think it would be smashing in a plaid with maybe a bow or two. I should note that I don’t promote copying designers stuff and selling in on street corners but why not be inspired and then create something for yourself, especially if there is no way you can afford a $465 handbag and the aforementioned bag doesn’t come in plaid. I am merely correcting an oversight for my own personal enjoyment.

I mentioned the new Jason Wu line at Target earlier this week. Seeing that everyone is writing about this, it seems very unlikely that I will be able to get my hands on any of it. Of course, since it will be overly popular, and I hate looking like everyone else, it’s now been completely ruined for me, even if it’s a wonderful collection. Sigh…

Another trend I observed, that I am not sure what to think about yet, is what appears to be battenburg lace garments. They’re see-through so not exactly matronly and the styles of the garments are tailored but it’s still wearing a huge doily. Maybe as a shrug?

Anyway, no end to the ridiculousness that is fashion. Once thing is clear, anything really goes these days so you might as well be yourself.


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