SOPA – No Sir, Don’t Like It

As a producer of original web content I certainly don’t exactly like people stealing my work. However, over the years, the point of the internet is to bring people together and to share information. Anything that gets in the way of that is a problem, even if a few snafus happen along the way.

If someone was to steal one of my articles, like the New York Times, and not saying that they would, it would raise my search engine placement and make it more likely for people to find me. So is that an entirely bad thing? I could either deal with it or ask them to take the content off, but it would probably be advantageous for me to let them have it and just ask to be name and linked to as a source. This is why I get Google Alerts. I can keep track and address any issues. So far, so good.

I have learned about so many bands from people sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. Bands I would pay to see in concert. If people weren’t allowed to share any more music, exposure for non-mainstream music would be diminished and the artists’ popularity would suffer. Less people know about you, less people to come to your concerts. Who is SOPA really helping?

I wonder… Public libraries have been sharing copyrighted media for years. Are we going to be in trouble for borrowing movies and books now?

Honestly, I can’t afford anything. I also don’t pirate music or movies. I do go to friend’s homes and watch movies together. Is that going to be a violation since I didn’t buy the movie as well? How about borrowing a CD from a friend? Can friends make copies for each other? I’m not talking about mass distribution, I’m talking about one to one sharing. Where do you draw the line?

The internet is fine. I don’t think something as wonderful as the web needs to be fixed. But now, if SOPA passes, and I hope not, but if it does, I am going to be so paranoid that I am going back to smoke signals for communication and cassette/vhs tapes, or move to Canada.


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