Coffee or Death, Newt Gives Newts a Bad Name, and Morgan Freeman is in My Head!

A very little snowman.
A very little snowman.

I thought it would be nice to collect my favorite web things in one place so that they’re easy to get to. I read a lot of articles and blog posts, a lot, and although some come along just when I have time to write about them, many fall into the black holes of my Facebook or inbox never to be heard from again. Some things are really cool and I want to remember, which is hard, but I don’t really have volumes to say at the time. And it’s always those things that I think of later and want to refer to and then can’t remember where I saw them. In any case, this is an attempt to get organized. We’ll see how it goes.

Coffee – My favorite quote from this post is “whereas the people drinking coffee remained sober and plotted against the government,” by an Stewart Allen. I could do with or without coffee but I would have a serious problem if someone took away my tea. My favorite tea is chai, which when latte-ized, is just like rice pudding. Absolutely my favorite in the winter. In the summer I love iced red zinger or Tazo Passion. If it wasn’t so late, I’d be drinking tea right now.

Another memorable item circulating involves a picture of the moon landing and the quote “This was done with a slide rule.” Yes it was. It didn’t take a terrible lot of technology to go to the moon, when you think about it. However, now that kids can pop on the video game thingy and fly jet planes, or battle monsters, or aliens, or whatever, there is no motivation to actually do all the additional work it would take to do it in real life. It’s laziness, and the better video games become, the good-enough they become to satisfy our dreams. It’s like processed food. It tastes ok enough and doesn’t require nearly the same work. One gets used to the ease of it. Eventually no one even thinks about cooking. Of course, neither video games nor processed food is good for you.

We had our first snow of 2012 in Philly. Yay! Finally. Unfortunately, it’s mostly ice which means no running. Sigh… It is fairly pretty. Hopefully it goes away pretty quickly.

Of course I’ve read several posts about Newt Gingrich. With every incident like this, I become more convinced that the republican party is completely bonkers. Just admit we’re all human, open your minds a little bit, stop this foolishness, and start thinking about what’s really better for the entire country, which is absolutely nothing you’re peddling.

I discovered that anything I read, thinking that Morgan Freeman is saying it, will sound like Morgan Freeman is in my head. It’s absolutely amazing! I’m sure that there is a lot of psychology at work there but I just know it’s really cool! I wonder if the same thing holds true for John Malkovich?

Another absolutely amazing item is this video – – of a little girl that totally rocks! I wish she lived within play-date distance because she and the Pumpkin would get along like peas in a pod.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade was featured in The New York Times – and I’m adding it because it’s one of my favorite places and one of the best views in New York City.

And that’s about all I can fit in before trying to get to bed at a reasonable time to try to get back to a reasonable schedule.


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