The Creative House


I have always envied homes where there is evidence of creation. Places where there is personality overload. Places where someone has taken a risk and it’s worked out, or not, but at least there is a very good story. Places that are never done and always alive with change. Not mindless trendy change but change driven by the soul.

The TVs are usually rather small in these homes, if present at all. They don’t really fit because there is a large canvas, perhaps, or a piano in the way. The ideas are clearly coming from within.

These aren’t always neat homes because the soul doesn’t care about trivial things like dust, clean dishes, or clean laundry, for that matter (and how many times have I left the dishes/dusting to work on a dress myself?). But they are wondrous places to be and I am happy every time I get to visit a creative home.

My personal feeling that is it is very important to have as much opportunity to create in the house as possible. Every moment spent doing something that doesn’t stretch the mind, is a minute wasted. People are designed to be creators and I believe almost anyone can create. The trick is to find what it is. Fortunately, trying new things makes us feel energized and has been associated with being happy and feeling self worth and a sense of contentment. So keep trying. Failure is ok because even the worst attempts make pretty good stories. (Ask me about belly dancing one time.)

What I like best about creative and expressive activities, is that they result in something – music, art, or crafts, whatever. You can pass them along to others and share creativity, if you want. You have that option. Creativity has the potential to create lasting bonds.

It is easy to float through life, fall prey to the distractions of a fast-serve world. TV is a famous consumer of time and creativity. The problem with TV is that if you let other people be creative for you, your soul will never have the chance to create/express something on its own. Video games are another example of something that cheats your brain. You may have the imagination to create an entire world, but if you choose to spend hours living in someone else’s fantasy, you will never know what your own fantasy would be like.

I do like the occasional film or TV program but I feel so much better when I’ve worked one of my websites, or sewn something, or cross-stitched, or sung, or color coordinated the closet – anything with something to show for it that looks somewhat reflective of what’s going on under the surface.


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