I Think I Can, I Think I Can… Run a Half Marathon?

My running feet.
Ah, I have reached new levels of insanity. I have printed out my half marathon training schedule and I will attempt to actually run one in June, with my mother. I can do this… maybe. Anyway, trying won’t hurt. This race includes complementary beer and accordions, which are very good motivations. Mom also says she will sport us matching running outfits. Score!!

This morning the Pumpkin joined me for my mini run, which turned out to be 2 1/2 miles, which was quite an excellent run for her. She told the produce lady, our chicken guy, and the butcher (shopping @ Italian Market), as well as a colleague of mine we ran into at the bakery, all about her run. She’s been very mellow since – I swear, the running is better than the meds, which would be an awesome thing. Right now she is upstairs playing piano, sitting still.

I really should be cleaning out my fridge – it’s nasty, really, nasty. Instead I am looking through LJ and Facebook. I am a lost cause.


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