High Fashion Magazine Delivery Day Meets Pinterest

pinterestI’ve mentioned that I keep a scrapbook of stuff I like to wear. But it’s somewhat hard to find time to always snip and paste and then printing things off the web, if they are not from a High Fashion Magazine, is annoying. And I seem to always forget the book when I go shopping and end up with a fashion faux-paux regardless of all my hard work.

So, when I discovered Pinterest I nearly ran around the house screaming in happy ecstacy! It’s the ultimate scrapbook and I can access it from my iPhone when I’m on the go. Brilliant!! My boards are located at http://pinterest.com/bklynwebgrrl/ if you’re curious to see what webby things tickle my fancy.

Of course, I am adding things I find in High Fashion Magazines (I get like three now for some reason) to my Pinterest boards as well, which is great because I can’t post pictures here without worrying about copyright issues but I can pin things there because Pinterest doesn’t have original content.

Wherein Suzanne Goes Italian

So, I have some lovely tidbits from my most recent High Fashion Magazine that I couldn’t wait to share. For a few months now, I have been really attracted to the new Dolce & Gabbana line. There is something so classic Italian about it, like a vintage Alpha Romao or Sophia Loren or better yet Sophia Loren driving an Alpha, with sunglasses and a scarf, and a picnic basket in the passenger seat. The textiles feature things like tomatoes and eggplants, which is so summer. As an aside, the models seem rather normal looking as well. I wish I could crawl inside the magazine and join them. They look like they’re having a blast.

Prada has an enchanting classic car theme going on with their spring line. The hair and makeup is also divine. I’m having a hair crisis at the moment so I’m looking for inspiration there.

Finally, because I’m only partially through the magazine, I saw a lovely sheer blouse with lace from Valentino that I would love to have. It looks like it could work with work things, or a nice pair of jeans, and is terribly romantic. I love things like that.

Not Italian, but of special note, I absolutely love the floral design of Kate Spade’s Spring accessories. I’ve always thought Kate Spade handbags were somewhat uptight and too popular, and over-rated, but I absolutely adore the Florence Broadhurst line in black and white Japanese inspired prints and would pick one up in an instant.

See the goods on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/bklynwebgrrl/high-fashion-mag-delivery-day/.


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