The Elegant Grown-up Goth Attire Primer – Part 1

I am determined to come up with a solution to my aesthetic dilema. Certainly, Gothy togs for the professional freak can’t be that elusive. I turn to my trusty High Fashion Magazines for assistance. I note that my High Fashion Magazines are normal high fashion magazines, for normal trendy/stylish people of a middle agish, meaning over 30 but not quite 90. I have also noticed that over the past few years, rather Gothy things have been represented in a legitimate way, as if the look has been accepted as within normal ranges of fashion. Of course, much of what is presented in magazines can’t be worn to work, Goth or not.

Make up is easy. Once again, winged eyeliner is back in style and there is absolutely nothing a Goth girl likes more than eyeliner and lots of it. Except on days when I get up late, or my morning run goes over, I always wear winged eye make-up. Of course, the work-day is long and the wider the eyeliner, the more likely it’ll end up all over the place, so I keep things rather narrow. I don’t bother with lipstick because I put a lot on my eyes and it’s all about balance.

I don’t want to talk about hair. Mine keeps growing and growing. I have no idea what to do with it. Most days I just shove it into a pony tail because I don’t have any time left for hair after doing my eye makeup. Next.

I think the suit is underrated as Goth wear. I am seriously considering creating a uniform of black suits for work. It would be very easy to get ready in the morning. But I feel like the suit needs to be fitted and classic cut. Nothing too tight, or baggy, or short. Refined and elegant, a simple silouette is desired.

So, essential item number one is a good quality, well-tailored suit, or several, at least one pants and one skirt. Acceptable colors are black, and gray, for some variety. The vintage Goth is probably ready to invest in something that isn’t going to fall apart so classic, well-fitted quality is what’s important.

A refined and conservative suit might seem boring but it’s sort of like a canvas. There is plenty of room for expression in other areas.


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