The Elegant Grown-up Goth Attire Primer – Part 2

So, to recap, the initial building block of the elegant grown-up Goth wardrobe, is a few very well made, well tailored black suits. Although I initially would think of a suit as work clothing, I think perhaps in sticking to the elegant theme, that the suit may be very appropriate for non-work as well.

I think there is something to actually getting dressed for the day, adopting a certain formality. Not too long ago, a woman would never have left her home without a hat and gloves. These days it seems many women leave the house looking like they just rolled out of bed. Comfort has taken over elegance, sadly. So, although wearing proper attire would have once seemed very conventional and not-Goth in spirit, it seems that nowadays, maintaining certain rituals about one’s attire would be anti-norm and now very Goth indeed!

However, the Goth woman can’t live in suits alone. She needs variety!! She need separates!! Which brings me to one of my favorite pieces. Two years ago, when my mom gave me a black velvet stretch pencil skirt (by a famous high-end designer, from a fancy department store, and legitimately grown-up), with a charming sheer hem, I was skeptical as to how practical such a piece would be. For the club? A dinner party? Holiday? Certainly! But work? Hmmm… too festive perhaps. Then I thought, since it’s just the right tightness to not be indecent (no butt cheekage) and a good sub-knee length, maybe I would try it out and voila! With the right shirt, it worked and is now a wardrobe staple.

What makes this work is that it fits well – neither too tight or to loose. It’s a nice respectable length. By all standards, it is a very normal, sophisticated pencil skirt. However, because it’s black velvet, it is very elegant and Goth. In general pencil skirts, below the knee thank-you, are excellent wardrobe building pieces. To keep things Goth, as well as professional and elegant, stick with black or gray, and look for small details such as a contrasting hem or stitching.


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