The Elegant Grown-up Goth Attire Primer – Part 3

Components of the Elegant Goth Wardrobe (for her)

  • A tailored black skirt suit
  • A tailored black pants suit
  • Two pencil skirts – one being black

When I was writing about how awesome pencil skirts are, I remembered I have another one of gray wool with a charming black embroidered scroll design on the hem. I have had this skirt forever! And why? Because it’s good quality.

When you’re building your elegant, grown-up Goth wardrobe, remember that you are investing in quality pieces. This is why you are going to pass right by the Hot Topic and continue to a store that carries better quality clothing. Why? Because you don’t care about trendy fashion. (As if!) You are developing a polished sense of your style – and that is not a transient thing. Your shopping mantra will be “only what I absolutely love, that which is the most perfect!”

I was out the other day and happened to stop in one of my favorite consignment shopps, and I came across this lovely black, velvet, quilted jacket. I tried it one and subjected myself to the following questions:

  1. Does this really fit?
  2. Is this flattering?
  3. Can I wear it with several things I already own? (I have a really small closet…)
  4. Is this elegant?
  5. Is this Goth?
  6. Is it also slightly ethnic or vintage oriented? (That’s just for me…)
  7. Can I afford it?

Happily the answer to everything was yes! And so I brought my new jacket home. It takes a little discipline but sticking with these rules will hopefully keep random oddities out of my closet.

It may be harder to see the Goth in otherwise normal clothing but an elegant, sophisticated wardrobe is all about quality fabrics, construction, and a good fit.


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