High Fashion Magazine Delivery Day

Ok, so I recieved a high fashion magazine delivery yesterday, just in time to provide some distraction from a very ill timed bought with some sort of spring seasonal ick I seem to have succumbed to.

Alas, it wasn't my favorite high fashion magazine – it was the one I don't really like as much. And, as usual there wasn't anything really interesting, except a day in the life of Karl Lagerfeld and a very small picture from the latest Dior show which showed some very cute dresses that resemble the "new look." Ooo – also a spread about those Dolce & Gabbana veggie outfits I wrote about last time and a feature about vintage-looking style set among places in Brooklyn. So maybe not an entire loss.

I did manage to fold some laundry and wash some dishes – Swedish flu as we call it around my house. And I am just a little half way over the Pumpkin's second grade auction art project. So not an entire lost day but still – no choir practice and no long run. I really hate being sick. It just takes up too much time.


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