The Elegant Grown-up Goth Attire Primer – Part 4

Lately, it’s been all about tights, one pair more awesomer than the last, which leads me to note that tights and stockings are very important. Without being able to really go all out on the basic pieces, which we’re keeping more or less conservative, it’s all about accessorizing. Tights and stockings are a wonderful way to make an outfit pop.

It goes without saying that every Goth girl should have at least five pairs of fishnet in her drawer In the past, ripped tights may have worked but these days, to be truly elegant, tears and runs are a definite faux-paux so you’ll need spares.

I also absolutely love back seams, especially a nice black on nude leg with a cuban heel. Classic but a little provacative, just enough. Lace is also nice, especially only a minor treatment instead of overall, sort of like a surprise – And, just the other day I found ombre tights, fading from black to purple which are so unique and beautiful as well.

So lots of options, which is a very good thing. When sticking to a more conservative length, you can get away with risque tights/stockings because with just a small part exposed, it’s mysterious, not trashy.

Besides tights and stockings, you can also have fun with socks. Nothing says Goth, with a sense of humor more than ankle or trouser socks with bats, spiders or skulls on them. Think artful more than cartoony and you’re good to go. The nice thing about socks is that normally, they remain nice and hidden under trousers, but occassionally pop out to say “oh hello there!” which is the perfect chance to be a little rebellious.

So far I’ve assembled the following list. I’ve gotten some good feedback so will continue sharing my path to an enlightened closet. 🙂

Components of the Elegant Goth Wardrobe (for her)

  • A tailored black skirt suit
  • A tailored black pants suit
  • Two pencil skirts – one being black
  • Beautiful, provacative, tights/stockings
  • Fun, whimsical socks, preferrably with bats, skulls, or spiders on them

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