The Web Is a Big Place

pinterestI can spend hours on Pinterest, which is probably a bad thing. I had stuff I could have been doing tonight. Important tasks.

There are just so many really wonderful things out there to collect and it doesn’t cost anything, or take up any room. I just can’t resist. And I just know, there may be a time in the future when I might need to recall that lovely sofa I saw on the internet in February 2012, even 10 years from now. I’d be really upset if I didn’t save it somewhere.

It probably comes from getting a little distracted these past few years, but I am not really feeling myself. It’s one thing to be eclectic when you have a strong underlying sense of self. It’s quite another when you feel like your losing yourself, spread thinner than the last pat of butter a week before payday.

However, after collecting on Pinterest, I feel better. I can’t run out and buy a new wardrobe, but on Pinterest, I can happily collect things and have things waiting for me until I can pick up an item, like today. The pumpkin and I stopped in our favorite place for odd things and I found a lovely black, crepe, drop-waist sort of dress item, which meets several of my rules, so I picked it up. We’ll see how it does tomorrow when I wear it out and about.

Aside from doing my own collecting, I often wonder what makes people pick the things they do. You could do an entire anthropological study on the collecting habits of pinteresters. Facinating.


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